Advice & Support

 Our aim is to encourage further bonding between you and your child by providing you with professional advice and support in your own home to meet your individual needs.
Giving you the confidence to deal with many of the day to day issues that arise when bringing up children.
 Reassuring parents that you are not alone and that it is okay to ask for help.

 The advice and support provided will hopefully help reduce your stress and create a more relaxed and enjoyable parenting experience.
 As well as a telephone support line for existing parents you are also given a parent information sheet with strategies that we will have discussed for you to focus on until our next meeting.

 4 Your Peace of Mind offers personal service where you get one to one consultís and follow ups. This is my own personal business, so you get the person you are speaking to on the phone working with you in your home and you donít need to pay any additional placement fees.

Parent Relief Service

  Allows you catch up on much needed sleep whilst I tend to the needs of your baby throughout the night.
This service is available as a once off break or even a couple of nights over a couple of weeks where we work together getting you and your baby into a routine so you both sleep soundly through the night.

New Parent support

  Bringing a baby home for the first time can be very daunting.
If you have concerns it can be make a lot of difference to get some professional, hands on advice and support to help build your confidence to find ways to deal with many of the issues that can arise.

  This session covers such things as recognising your babies needs, developing a routine, handling your baby with confidence, nappy changing, wrapping, settling, bathing etc.

Setting up a Nursery

  When you find out you are going to have your little bundle of joy the time just flies by and you soon realise that you still have to set up the nursery.
It can be a very daunting a task with all of the different products that are out there.

  We can sit down and discuss what you really need to buy and which is the best way to have the nursery set up, so that it is safe, practical and comforting for your new little bundle of joy.

Settling techniques and Sleep management

  Developing good settling techniques and sleep patterns as early as possible in your child's life not only benefits the child but also the parents.

  At 4 Your Peace of Mind we do not believe in controlled crying.
Instead we promote a comforting approach that involves teaching parents a range of settling techniques and introducing a routine to suit their child and family environment.

  During our consultations we give you strategies and the confidence to deal with such sleeping issues as learning how to help your child sleep through the night without crying it out, taking those day naps that are so essential to a little growing body, moving from crib to bed, waking up to early and many other sleep issues that you may have.

  Having someone help you to deal with the hardest part of your child's daily sleep issues, can give you the confidence and energy to make it through the day and enjoy your special little baby.


  When choosing different forms of feeding whether it is breast, bottle, when to wean your baby and when to start solids you need to think about you and your baby first.
Not what you feel others expect you to do.
This will make things easier in the long run.


  Establishing a routine makes your baby feel safe and gives them a sense of security in their own environment.
It lets them know what comes next which can also bring some sanity for the parent too.
Routines though are guided around a child's age and development also needs to be based on the child and families individual needs.

Behaviour management

  Babies need love, sensible routines, healthy habits and good role modelling in order to encourage good behaviour.
A baby uses their parents as a guide - a mirror for themselves and the world.

  A toddler is at an in between place where they want to be their own person but also still want to cling to you too.
They need to find their own likes and dislikes even if they conflict with yours.
Their need for independence can bring on conflicts.

If we taught ourselves to look at life from our babies point of view as well as our own, things maybe a little easier.
  Every child is an individual and therefore should be treated as such when it comes to discipline.
Some only need a little guidance and some need more.


  It can be very confusing when it comes to your child's development.
There are so many other things to know and remember that it can be overwhelming for a parent when it comes to knowing such things as wether they should be encouraging their child to sit up, crawl, drink from a cup or feed themselves and what sorts of toys, books and activities they can use at each stage of their development.

Toilet training

  Toilet training is a big step in a child's life and should be made as positive an experience as possible.
It is important to make sure your child is ready for toilet training.

  It is not something that they are doing for anyone else; it is something they should be doing for themselves.

Returning to Work

  Returning to work can be a very difficult time.
So we can discuss strategies to combine work and parenting.
We talk about such things as how to keep things as organised as possible and what type of childcare is available for you and how to go about organising it.

  It is important to be able to prioritise things, so that you have time for you and your baby, time for you and your partner and time for yourself.

Support line for existing parents.

  Telephone and email support is there for existing clients, for when you need follow up advice.