Here is what some of our recent clients have to say about our in home consultations.

 "I was sceptical that anyone could sort out in 2 nights, my son's habit of waking up between two and four times a night between 12 midnight and 7am - and then needing a bottle to settle each time. After 2 years of unbroken sleep I was desperate to change the pattern so we booked a two-night consult with Michelle. She was there when I got up in the middle of the night with solutions of how to settle him without the bottle and told me when to go in, when to leave him let him cry and what to do in between. It's having that support in the middle of the night that helps you not revert to old habits.
Within a few days of her visit Freddie was sleeping through the night as I stuck to her plan. Getting Michelle in for the two-night consult was the best investment I could make in family happiness as everyone now gets a decent nights sleep!" 

    Tessa, Little Bay

 "We came home from hospital full of excitement and love for our little baby girl, Darcy. However, we also came home with the mere basics of baby care. Things like changing a nappy & how to wrap a baby are great things to know, but there is so much more we soon worked out!
Within days of being home we were at our wits end! Darcy wouldn't sleep without an hour or more of juggling, patting, soothing, cajoling; anything we could do to get her to sleep we tried; ten times over!
In the next 3 weeks we read books, we googled relentlessly, we spoke to community nurses and numerous 'expert hotlines' whose advice was "babies cry, they cry a lot, get used to it". We lived our lives sleeping in shifts, feeling like failures and shedding tears non stop. Where was the joy we were supposed to be feeling as new parents?
At the end of our tethers my husband and I called Michelle. I spoke with her over the phone, she sympathised and arranged to see us within the week.
When Michelle came into our home, we found her to be warm and empathetic to our situation, certainly not a judgemental fuddy duddy like so many of those helpline ladies!
We sat for a while talking about our issues then Michelle observed our ritual of wake, feed, nappy change & sleep.
After observing us, Michelle made some startling revelations of things that we were doing that severely impeded a smooth cycle.
When the next cycle began we beat to the drum that Michelle set for us and miracle of miracles we had Darcy self settled first try and in record time!

A new mothers dream, a happy healthy baby; that sleeps!
And it wasn't a one off! 5 weeks on and Darcy still self settles like a pro!
I can't speak highly enough of Michelle. She entered our home a stranger and left feeling like an old, wise friend."

    Tracey, Gladesville

 "Michelle was instrumental in establishing a realistic routine for Lucy.
Since our consultation, I have more confidence in managing Lucy's needs.
Michelle gave me tools which I have found extremely useful in settling, feeding and managing Lucy's reflux. She is a much happier baby since Michelle's visit and I only wish I had discovered the service sooner.
Life with a reflux baby can be challenging at the best of times and Michelle's empathy and experience put me at ease instantly. I would recommend the service to any new parent."

    Kirsten, Clontarf

 "Dear Michelle,
Firstly I want to thank you for making the last 4 months of my life so much easier. Riley is doing so well since your visit. He is now self settling for all sleeps including night time & has been sleeping through since a week after your visit (age of 3mths). He never has wind pains (from his colic/reflux) any more either. As a result he is a much much happier baby & there for a much happier mummy. You have been a god sent. I was feeling so lost when I found your website, having a nearly 2yr old daughter as well I felt constantly tired, run down & upset when I would have spent up to 2hrs trying to get him to sleep. My daughter was being neglected & my guilt was killing me.
I would strongly recommend you to anyone. You have saved my sanity & really helped my little family be as happy as we are today.
Thank you again so much"

    Nicole, Central Coast

 "I am so glad I had found Michelle on the Internet and had only wished I had found her sooner.
In one home visit Michelle was able to show me how to put my 3 month old son to sleep during the day which has been a non event.
I found her to be very pleasant and easy to communicate with and It was obvious to me that she had a certain calm and ease with my baby.
I am so grateful for having had Michelle's knowledge and expertise as it has made my time with my baby so precious!!"

    Leona, Mount Vernon

 "Michelle came to visit me when my son was 19 months old.
I was having problems with him mainly sleeping in the day. Michelle came over to our house and observed my son and watched me as I put him down for his afternoon nap.
She told me some very simple steps to follow before I put him down and I couldn't believe that it actually worked (I had been struggling for weeks!!!!!), then Michelle wrote out a detailed schedule which I still look at today!
 Michelle really helped me with my son and I thank her for that immensely, she always rings now to check how he is doing, which is just great and really shows she cares.
Thanks again Michelle and I would happily use your services again - but let's hope I don't have to!! :)"

    Michele, Pymble

 "Michelle helped me with my 1 1/2 year old boy and newborn.
I found Michelle to be very caring, easy to talk to, understanding.
Michelle had a good answer for all my problems and we felt more confident in handling the problem situations after her visit.
It was great to be able to contact Michelle after hours to get more advise.
 I can recommend Michelle to anyone who needs help at home with their precious children.
Thank you Michelle."

    Angela, Ashfield

 "I called Michelle in need of some help with my 4 year old daughter.
Michelle come out to our home which was great, we were all a lot more comfortable and my little girl was definitely more at ease and more herself during the visits.
Michelle gave us some great advise on how to handle tantrums, routines, sleeping problems etc. We have been using her ideas for the past few months and I feel like I have more control now and my little girl is much easier to handle.
 I found Michelle to be very professional and caring. I also found that Michelle was great with my daughter. It was a pleasure to have her in our home.
I can also call Michelle now whenever I have any questions or need help at anytime, which is a great comfort.
Thankyou for all your help & support."

    Amanda, Kellyville

 "I was very fortunate to have discovered Michelle.
In need of some sound advice and support, Michelle's professional and caring nature helped solve my concerns I was experiencing with my 3 year old. She is approachable, a great listener, reliable, very thorough, accessible and most importantly - a fountain of knowledge.
 I found Michelle really cared about my child and that meant the world to me, thanks so much for your endless help..."

    Donna, Merrylands

 "I've found the home visits more comfortable for both my baby and myself.
Michelle always does a follow up to see how things are progressing which is good as you don't feel forgotten after every session and she always gives a written list of advice and ways of improvement.
 I've seen much improvement in my babies development and behaviour from these sessions with Michelle."

    Bonny, Castle Hill